Hi! I'm Colleen....

  • ...wife to sweet Aaron, and mom to two growing up too fast kids - Trey (12), Husdon (10). We live in North Georgia, where we are surrounded by beautiful lakes and stunning mountains within 2 hours most ways. I LOVE being outside, it truly makes my heart happy. I feel alive, awake and cleansed. We love to travel, especially to North Carolina...where we mountain bike, hike, and trail run as much as possible. Capturing colors, textures, patterns of nature is embedded in my work. I hope it moves you, like it does me painting it - 

Art….such a fun and inviting word into an unexplored territory….from as long as I can remember, making things pretty and seeing it from a different perspective has always been my go to. Little did I know this light was slowly igniting my passion for developing into the artist I am today.

I love playing with whimsey shapes and colors…all things soft, textured, playful and vibrant. I am naturally drawn to nature, where I feel HIS presence and energy that you see interpreted into my work. The glorious ever-changing colors with the seasons, a new pattern play on fabrics with fashion - I tend to think outside the box but with a simple elegant twist. My thought process is to leave you with a positive impact- a paint stroke this way, a watercolor splash that way, or just a smile to your face…I intend for my work to be light, uplifting and spark curiosity. I think art should bring a bright light into any space.

I tend to stick to oils, acrylics, pastels and charcoals. I play with anything paper product, as well as all types of canvases - shapes and sizes. I love to see what medium works with different textures to create a lasting impression and a piece you will love in your space. 

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” A.Rodin